Chilly September mornings make us itch for the next season. The days get a little shorter, children are back in school, and the falling leaves remind us that Fall is coming.

We are not meant to stay in just one season forever. We are creatures who crave change and the anticipation of something new. There is always so much excitement at the beginning of a new season.

Each new season of life brings the opportunity for growth and change. As we grow older, we realize that we can’t stay in the same season all of our lives. Imagine if your child was an infant forever, or if you had to pay for college tuition the rest of your life, ouch! Yet, even with the slight sadness of what is no longer, we see how much joy the next season of life brings and how much we anticipate the future.

For so many, this past season of life was full of change. Some had children go off to college, or get married, or moved to their own new home. Change can be a good thing. However, for some of us, change meant the loss of a loved one. Those changes were difficult and beyond sad, and caused us to enter into a season of life that we were not prepared for or wanted to enter into.

Just like dark and bitter cold days of December are made sweeter with a warm fire and the anticipation of the Holidays, we also know that even the hard seasons of life have sweet moments mixed in and the anticipation of future joyful days gives us hope.

Falling leaves make room for new growth, just like change in our lives help us grow. This Fall, let's reflect on how events in our past made us stronger, and will help us get through the new seasons yet to come.