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Our Process

We want you to love the home we create together. We also want you to love the process of creating it. That is why we have spent years perfecting our process. From our first meeting to the day your project is done (and beyond), your experience with Wren & Willow will be second-to-none.

Architecture Services

Our AIA-licensed in-house architect will walk you through the building process every step of the way. From code review and permitting to collaborating with you on creating a design that fits your budget and your needs, she will be in your corner providing you with the support you need when you need it.

Advantages of Design-Build

Design-build is a method of delivering construction projects in which the design team and the construction team work together as a single unit rather than as separate or competitive entities. This is the best method for delivering construction projects on-time and on-budget, which is why it is the Wren & Willow way.

Stacy Ostlund - Architect

Stacy Ostlund

AIA Licensed Architect

Wren & Willow is proud to provide the services of our own in-house architect, Stacy Ostlund. Since 1997, Stacy has been a Washington State licensed architect and has worked in both commercial and residential fields and is a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Client-first design

A simpler process 

"My first job is to listen. To design a home for you, I need to know you."

• What is your lifestyle like?

• Do you like to host people in your home?

• How long do you plan to live here?

• What kinds of things do you find beautiful?

From your answers to these and other questions, Stacy will work with you on creating a design that is uniquely catered to you and your lifestyle.

"Let our connections and our reputation work for you."

Stacy will act as a liaison between you and the many contacts that need to work together to make your project a reality.

• County/city permitting offices

• Coding departments (health, fire, etc.)

• Structural engineers & surveyors

She will be working behind the scenes so you do not have to.

"My satisfaction is creating beautiful homes that people love to live in."

Architecture Services

5 Advantages of Design-Build

5 Advantages of Design-Build


We work with you to establish your budget, and will design your home to  create the best design within your budget.


We take full responsibility for the plans that we create, which are based on an intimate knowledge of the building process.


There is assurance of already established rapport and communication between your architect and your builder, making a smoother transition from the printed design to the finished product.


You will build a personal relationship with the architect, who takes time to get to know you, your family, budget and lifestyle before beginning the design.


From concept to completion, working with Wren & Willow is a one-stop shop, which saves you from searching for a good fit between architect and builder.

Wren & Willow's
Architecture Process

Building a custom home is an exciting process where your dream home can become a reality, and we are excited to take this journey with you!


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Design-Build Process
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