Changing Seasons

By Laureen Skrivan, President

And just like that, it is Autumn. Without even realizing it, we have exchanged the long, lazy days of Summer for shorter, busier days. Children are back in school, leaves are changing color, and the smell of fireplaces permeate the air.

Even if Autumn is not your favorite season, we all still lean into the change of the weather and new pace of life. We adapt to the new season and embrace it. We, even reluctantly, exchange sandals for boots and sundresses for cardigans. We don't fight the change in the weather because we don't really have a choice but to accept it and move forward with the new season.

Life is a lot like that, isn’t it? There are times when suddenly you realize you are in a new season. You can be going along in the summer of life, and you receive that phone call, or that diagnosis that signifies the start of a new season. Maybe it is a sudden career change, or maybe it is the loss of a loved one and your life will never be the same again. Maybe it is a good thing, like a promotion, or an offer to move, or a newfound goal and outlook on life. Whatever it is that creates a change in seasons we have two choices: we can either fight it or embrace it.

While not every new season is pleasant, there is a way to move through it with grace and acceptance. Having the mindset that is open to change and willing to learn from each experience will help when it comes time to embrace that new season of life. In the meantime, sip a warm cup of coffee or tea, snuggle by the fire, and enjoy the colder, shorter days ahead.


Wren & Willow Featured Project


A Perfect Harmony

This remodel was designed to engage multiple senses. The kitchen and living room were designed with exceptional beauty in mind. From the glass display cabinets to the hand-glazed Motawi tiles, every detail was designed for visual beauty, which is rivaled only by the home’s meticulous sound room. This room was designed from the ground up to exact acoustical precision, which produces sound that a true audio enthusiast can fully appreciate. Both sight and sound were melded together to create a perfect harmony.