Our lives seem to be marked by milestones. We celebrate a baby’s first steps, a child’s first day of school, graduations, weddings, and birthdays. Marking these events help us celebrate the big and little moments in life. Taking time to acknowledge a special occasion adds value to something that might otherwise be overlooked.

Our President, Laureen, loves to celebrate milestones. On February 6th, she celebrated her 60th birthday by bringing her entire family, including all seven of her grandchildren, to Disneyland. Ten years ago, she celebrated her 50th as a much smaller family in Walt Disney World. Disney does everything well, including celebrating milestones. Laureen loves the experience that Disneyland creates, and how much attention is paid to the little details. Disney works tirelessly to ensure that you truly believe you are in the happiest place on earth!

The family enjoyed a special birthday breakfast with Minnie Mouse.

Gabriella, Laureen's eldest granddaughter, with her Mima.

The grandchildren met Lightning McQueen in Cars Land.

At Wren & Willow, creating an experience for our clients is important to us. During the groundbreaking of a custom home, we have a ceremony with a golden shovel, champagne, and a toast. For a concrete pour, we have the children of the family make handprints that will last forever. Before a remodel, we encourage the children to show off their artistic skills by drawing on the walls that will soon be coming down. We like to help them mark the big moments of their project because they are our big moments, too. We celebrate with them because we are just as excited as they are!

Wren & Willow's Future President, Ezra, has his handprints hidden under the floor boards of the W & W office building.

Golden shovels breaking ground on the land of a new custom home.

Champagne to toast an exciting beginning.