Finding the perfect home for your family can be one of life’s greatest joys. That moment when you walk into a house, and you just know, this is the place for us. You can imagine where your children will sit to do their homework, where your grandchildren will be playing in the backyard, and where your guests will stay for a long weekend. However, sometimes you need to have a great imagination because the house needs a lot of work like the much needed remodel below.

Unfortunately, in some instances, that perfect house just doesn’t exist. That is where Wren & Willow comes in! We thrive on helping people design and build their custom home. Our in-house experts include an architectural team, interior designers, and a construction division that will make your dream home a reality.

When designing a custom home, we want to get to know your family. We want to know what makes you happy, what your family interests and needs are, and what has frustrated you about your past homes. Tell us what your ideal home would look like.

When building a custom home, it is important to consider your near and distant future. Are you getting ready to be empty nesters? Do you have adult children who will soon be adding grandchildren to your lives? Are you ready to downsize or do you want more space? We love what we do and helping you design the perfect house that makes the most sense for your life is important to us.

Take a look at some of the steps involved when constructing a dream home...

First, land must be purchased, then prepped for the foundation.

After framing begins, you start to see the vision form before your eyes.

Each stage brings progress and a new level of excitement.

Then finally, your dream becomes a reality!

This Fall, as you think through what your goals are for next year, or what you want your life to look like in the coming years, consider letting us help you design your perfect custom home.

If you are considering building your very own custom haven, we are ready to take you on that journey. Contact us to begin the process.

Enjoy this Laurel & Hardy short on how NOT to build your dream home!

"First, you must find the land you want to build on. To do this, ask yourself the following:

  • Where do you want to live?

  • What view do you want to have?

  • How will your build fit into the environment?

A good design is mindful of needs that come with that location." -Ashley Umbaugh, Interior Designer

"Second, pay attention to what makes you feel at home. Do the following to help design your custom home:

  • Keep a journal of elements you enjoy.

  • Dream of how you want to incorporate those elements into your design.

  • Collect colors and textures that you love.

The beauty of a custom home is dreaming of what you desire, instead of settling for what you live with."

-Hannah Schmidt, Interior Designer

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