If you have ever received a handmade gift, you know that it is one of the most valuable gifts you can receive. Handmade gifts are more than just an object, they are a deeply personal way that a loved one puts their own talents and time to use. When someone gives you a handmade gift,  they are giving you a part of themselves.

This beautiful table was made by our own Rhodric Bond as a gift for one of our clients.

He made it with a fallen tree from their property.

Handmade items tell a story. They tell the story of an exotic trip or adventure. They tell the story of an old relative who loved to work with wood. They tell the story of a grandma who was excited to knit for her new grandchild. They tell a story of life. 

 A renewed value of handmade items sparked the Arts and Crafts movement to become popular in the late 1800s. People were tired of the manufactured, cookie-cutter look that came with the industrial revolution. There was a longing for the personal nature of handmade items. No longer did people want to celebrate the perfection that machines could produce, they wanted the imperfect flaws that came from individual work. Our favorite artist, William Morris, was a major influencer of this movement and he encouraged people to design and collect handmade items and art.

Our finish carpenter Jairus is busy hand making panels for a client's home.

At Wren & Willow, we try to add personal handmade charm to each home we remodel and build. We want your home to tell a unique story that will last for generations. We work carefully with our own carpenters and craftsmen to produce quality work that is beautiful and adds character to your home.

A stunning staircase built by our own team.

We want to encourage the artists and creators out there to continue sharing your art with the world. We love the imperfect uniqueness that comes from your hands. It makes our homes more beautiful when we display your work. For everyone else, do you have handmade work in your home? What story do your items tell?  We hope this Post encourages you to look for ways to bring imperfect handmade art into your home and to support artists who share their vision through handmade work.

As we mentioned in our last Post, our new Carriage House is going to have a retail shop called Nesting.