Wren & Willow has some very exciting news to share...

We added two new security guards to our team!

Harley (left) is the light colored pup, and Huxley (right) is our smaller guy

Harley & Huxley are Havanese puppies, and they have quickly won the hearts of the Wren & Willow team. That is, with the exception of one team member. We decided to interview him to find out his thoughts on these two new employees.

Bentley takes a brief break from his duties to chat on the couch.

Wren & Willow: Bentley, you recently announced your plans to step down as Wren & Willow’s Chief of Security. What brought this change on?

Bentley: I am still so good at this job. I still bark at the mailman and eat any food that is on the ground. I am just getting tired. I’m too old for this stuff. It takes me five minutes to get to the front door. It makes my knees ache. By the time I get there, the intruder has already left.

W&W: Well, because of your announcement, your bosses brought on two new apprentices. What do you think of them?

Bentley: They are not good at this job like I am good at this job.

W&W: Why not?

Bentley: They run around and play with everyone. They are too silly and have high energy. How will puppy kisses protect the company from bad guys?

W&W: Isn’t energy what you were hoping for in your replacement?

Bentley: I am 91 dog years old. I don’t have enough energy to enjoy a full meal anymore, let alone train these two yippers.

W&W: I understand that Laureen has been worried about you in your later years.

Bentley: I talked to Laureen. We decided it was time to find my replacement. She knew it would take two security guards to replace me. I am that good at my job.

W&W: You are the best, Bentley. Is there anything that you like about Harley & Huxley?

Bentley: Not really. But they treat me as the alpha dog. I like that... I’m not saying I like them. But maybe it will work out.

Harley is learning to keep an eye out to ensure the office is safe.

We also spoke with our two new security guards to hear how they are adapting and taking to the Wren & Willow family.

W&W: Harley & Huxley, welcome to the Wren & Willow team!

Harley: Thank you!

Huxley: It is great to be here!

W&W: Tell us, what brought you to Wren & Willow?

Harley: I don’t really know. I was born in November, and then Mr. Cliff picked us up and brought us here.

Huxley: Yep, same here!

W&W: After you are trained, you will be taking over Bentley's job. What do you think of him?

Harley: He is kind of a grump. Huxley: And he eats a lot.

Harley: Like A LOT, a lot.

W&W: Are you nervous taking over his job? You two have some pretty big paws to fill.

Harley: I don't know, it seems easy so far.

Huxley: Yeah, people mostly just come up and hold us. I love being held. It is my favorite.

Harley: Bentley sometimes barks at people and I don't think Mr. Cliff likes when he barks.

Huxley: I don't think Mr. Cliff likes when Harley barks either.

W&W: What is the one thing Bentley does really well?

Harley: Did we tell you how much he eats? He does that really well.

Huxley: He eats SO MUCH. I don’t think I could ever eat as much as he does.

Harley: Seriously. I hope I can learn how to eat as much as he does some day.

With Huxley's sweet disposition, he tends to play the "good cop" out of the two.

Harley & Huxley officially started on March 1st and will work alongside Bentley as he passes down the collar. Bentley will always have a home at Wren & Willow, and don’t worry, he will still be well-fed!

DIY Dental Dog Treats from Ashley Umbaugh

In honor of the pups in this month's issue, we wanted to include a recipe for homemade dog treats. Our designer, Ashley, makes these treats for her dogs and originally got the recipe from www.gonetothesnowdogs.com