Something magical happens when the ball drops at midnight on December 31st. Aside from it suddenly being the highly anticipated new year, it is the moment we have all been waiting for; a fresh start! It is the chance to start eating healthier, exercising more, saving money for the future, and to learn a new skill. The new year offers opportunity for planning adventure and focusing on self-improvement. But, sometimes, even the best laid plans can crumble in a moment. That reality hit us a few days into this new year when a friend of ours suddenly passed away. The loss of a man so close to us has left us reeling. It has made us reflect on how fragile life is, and has helped reinforce the importance of family and friends. This month, we wanted to write a tribute to Randy, an extraordinary architect and our dear friend. We want to share with you who he was, and what he meant to the Wren & Willow family.

In Memory of Randy Gould November 6, 1964 - January 12, 2019

Randy at one of our summer events.

Randy with Josh Ketter and Cliff Kendall in Peru

If you visited the Wren & Willow showroom, you have experienced Randy's architectural gifts and were touched by him without even realizing it. Randy designed the renovation for our 1917 building and helped us achieve the feeling of being transformed into another era. Every change he suggested only enhanced it beyond our imagination. Each time we walk through the front doors of our building, we are reminded of his amazing talent.

Randy reviewing plans on the job site of the Wren & Willow building.

Randy describing his vision for our building.

A rendering by Randy of our building on Pearl Street.