Your home is ready for the holidays, with some help from our previous issue, and it’s time to invite guests over to celebrate Christmas!

"Whether your table is filled with dear family, old friends, or new faces, Christmas is a wonderful time to share timeless traditions and create new ones. One tradition I love to carry on from my family is our Christmas table centerpiece. When my grandmother was living through the Great Depression, she used to fill a basket with little wrapped trinkets such as a comb, a small candy bar, or a set of jacks.

"Each little gift was attached to a string and each string was attached to a plate on the table. To the unknowing guest, it just looked like pretty strings with a festive centerpiece. However, after dinner, my grandmother would tell everyone to pull on the string and a present would pop out, giving each guest a small gift to take home.

"I love to continue this tradition today. It’s the perfect opportunity to give each guest a little extra something. It never gets old seeing the look of surprise and delight on people’s faces as they pull on that string attached to their plates and open one more gift. My daughter, who now lives in Peru, carries on this tradition whenever she hosts Christmas, passing the tradition to another generation."

-Laureen Skrivan, President

Everyone enjoys a good party, and at Wren & Willow, we look forward to our annual Christmas party. With good food, great drinks, and some festive sweaters, we love the way Christmas brings our team together as a family.

Watch the video below to see how we celebrated on Saturday; maybe something in there will inspire you as you prepare your own holiday party.