It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Wren & Willow would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. One way we would like to help you celebrate this December is by offering tips on making your home

“A Christmas haven for your family and a winter retreat for your guests.”

Winter is the time to transform your home into a Christmas haven. We asked our designers to give us their favorite decorating ideas on how to make a home ready for Christmas.


"Christmas is a great time of year to bring nature inside, and it helps to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Grapevine garland, woodland creature ornaments, and pinecones tucked throughout, all give a Christmas tree a genuine forest look. When my children were young, I decorated three Christmas trees, one for each of them, that created a forest theme. This year, I was inspired to set up a similar forest in the Wren & Willow showroom. The holidays are about decorating in a way that is true to your own style, while embracing the Christmas spirit!"

-Laureen Skrivan

Holiday Mementos

"Anything that inspires you and makes you happy should be incorporated into your Christmas decorating. I really enjoy pulling out mementos that have meaning to me and my family. Whatever is meaningful to you about the holidays; focus on that. Personal decorative touches could be pillows on the couch, a wreath on the front door, and something sweet that reminds you of your childhood. Most importantly, stay inspired. What has meaning to you will ultimately bring the most beauty into your space." -Hannah Schmidt

Memory Lane

"Count your blessings this season in the form of memories. Add a personal touch to your decorating, and put photos from past Christmas seasons in picture frames. Not only will you have your standard holiday decorations up to put you in the spirit, but everyone will be taken down memory lane of Christmases past. It will spark reminiscent conversations, adding to the merriment." -Ashley Cole​

Winter Wonderland

"Winter is about family and adventure, and gives us time for reflection. I enjoy the great outdoors, and love using it as inspiration to decorate. I have several glass art pieces I have collected over the years and cherish, along with items collected from my own backyard! I think the fusion of elegant items and raw materials from nature are a great combination for decorating during the holiday season."

-Jenae Charboneau​