There is nothing quite like anticipating the changing of seasons. At Wren & Willow, our windows have been decorated for Fall, (scroll to the end to see) and we are enjoying the cool air as we light our fireplaces. Here are some of our favorite ways to bring the five senses of Fall into your home.

1. Scent

The simplest things can create a homey environment. Scents are closely linked to emotional recollection. Specific scents can fill you with nostalgia, and instantly lift your mood, like the moment you light a candle.

Our preference when choosing a candle is that it isn’t too sweet, but still has a scent that reminds us of Fall. Soy candles burn best, and we recommend Wax & Wool etc. candles, made right here in Tacoma.

2. Sight

Holidays are a great time to give your neighbors and friends a glimpse into your personal style by decorating your home. Interior decorating is a great way to bring the new season inside. Exterior decorating, on the other hand, helps others to get into the spirit of the season!

Consider taking decorating cues from nature. During the Fall season, the Pacific Northwest is full of brilliant colors of green, brown, bright yellow, fire orange, and deep red. These colors will give your home a warm feeling to carry your family into the cold months ahead.

3. Taste