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Happy 12th Birthday, Chief of Security

One of our very favorite things about January is that it is our Chief of Security, Bentley’s, birthday month.  This year our faithful vigilante is celebrating 12 years (that’s 84 in dog years), and all he wants for his birthday is a good bone and a warm fire to sleep next to. 

Bentley has shown his age this last year. He had 14 of his teeth removed, which makes it very difficult to eat his favorite food, steak. On top of that, he had one of his knees replaced, and he had to wear, as he called it, the “cone of shame” for a couple of weeks while he recovered. He was heard muttering, “This is ridiculous,” and “I’m the Chief of Security,” during that time.


For Bentley’s birthday, he was given one of his favorite gifts, a giant bone, but because many of his teeth were removed, he could only lick it. “A pair of dentures would have been more helpful,” he said after he tried to take a bite out of it.


He still guards the office, but mostly from his bed. Though his barks are still ferocious, the mailman has less to be afraid of now that the barks only come from his bed in the other room. When asked if he planned to retire, he said, “I’m so tired all the time. But, they keep asking me to work, so I guess I have to do what I have to do.”


We are grateful for Bentley and his decade of service. Please join us in wishing Bentley a very happy birthday.

You can send Bentley your birthday wishes! Click on the link below to send him an eCard, and we will read some of our favorite cards to Bentley with his reaction in a video next month.

Photos by: Aleksandr Akinsev

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