In-House Interior Design


The design process can be a great mystery; let us be the key that helps unlock that door. Our belief at Wren & Willow is that each project and client has a unique and individual design dream, challenge, and vision.

We listen to your ideas, put pen to paper, and design a custom space unique to your wants and needs by the following process:

  • We start with your space as it currently exists.

  • We make a detailed list of your wants and needs.

  • We determine your budget.

  • We present you with options of what your wish list will look like.

  • We go on field trips to determine what materials are to be used.

  • We draw or sketch a plan and create sample dream boards.

Let us be the key that unlocks the door to your home design.

Wren & Willow 

This is the beginning of the creative process. We want to see your vision, create a solution, and bring your design dream to reality. To achieve this, we must be great listeners and create a blank space in our minds to let imagination wander to create a design-path specifically for you.

Mystery solved, your dream is now a reality!