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This beautiful two-story, 4,200 sq. ft. custom home in Gig Harbor, WA was co-designed by our in-house architect to show off the lake view from almost every room in the house. Designed to bring nature into the home while maintaining a minimalist lifestyle, this home was created to merge the comfort of home with the beauty and wonder of the outdoors. One of its many distinctive features is its custom in-home elevator.

This unique and modern custom home was designed to fit into an established, historic Tacoma neighborhood over-looking the Puget Sound. The ample windows show off the beautiful waterfront view from the majority of the house, and the gorgeous stone and immaculate wood bring a Northwest flare to the contemporary design.

Northwest Contemporary



Mid-Century Mood


Staying true to the mid-century charm of this home while also honoring the homeowner’s passion for beautiful, functional architecture inspired its transformation in a truly unique way. In addition to doubling the living space by converting the garage into a comfortable family room, period-appropriate hardware was selected to complement the brass inlays, concrete tile, and mid-century finishes. Original wood panelling was then matched throughout the kitchen for a cohesive whole-house design.


Restoring the original beauty of a person's home is a great honor. To accomplish this, great care was taken in this home to preserve and restore the original woodwork that speaks to the exceptional craftsmanship that created this house years ago. This was done alongside the creation of a custom stone fireplace, incorporating elegant custom fixtures, and designing/installing a one-of-a-kind stair railing that simultaneously honors and complements the home's existing timeless elements.

Main Street Bungalow


_VIT1890-HDR (straightened).jpg

1940s Period-Style House


Built in the early 1940s, this house has all the charm of a film noir. Vintage appliances, linoleum countertops, and Art Deco style fixtures all contribute to the sense of stepping back in time. Salvaged metal kitchen cabinets were restored to give the home a truly authentic look and feel while appearing as brand-new. One of the most striking features of the home is the kitchen. From the original period-style wallpaper to the linoleum floors, every detail was intended to transport visitors to the post-war era.

A Perfect Harmony cover.jpg

Engaging multiple senses was the aim of this unique and innovative design. The kitchen and living room were designed with exceptional beauty in mind. From the glass display cabinets to the hand-glazed Motawi tiles, every detail was designed for visual beauty. But this visual beauty is rivaled only by the meticulous sound room added to the home. This room was designed from the ground up to exact acoustical precision, which produces sound that only true audiophiles can fully appreciate. Both sight and sound were melded together to create a perfect harmony.

A Perfect Harmony